Scholarship Information for BP / SV / NP Graduating Seniors

Video, Application & Release form Deadline: April 12, 2024
Apply Today!
Step One: Review Submission Requirements, Scoring Criteria and Resources
Video Submission Requirements:
• Video Length: Minimum 1.5 Minutes - Max 3 Minutes
• Record Video Using a Camera, Smartphone or Webcam
• Show Us Your Creative Skills with Transitions, Effects and Text Overlays
• Include at Least Two Locations in Video Footage
• Create Your Own Title Reflecting the Theme and Include it in Your Video
• Include Ending Credits with Your Full Name, High School and Date
• Export Video to MP4, Upload to YouTube or Vimeo and Share Link on Application, or Load onto a USB Drive and   
  Drop off at the District
• Video Style Can Be: Reality TV, PSA, TV Anchor, Game Show, True Crime or Drama, etc.
Scoring Criteria:
• Embracing the Topic
• Innovation of Idea Presented
• Overall Video Production Quality
• Power of Personal Story Shared
• Followed Video Submission Guidelines
Step Two: Create Video
Send an email to [email protected] with your questions.
Videos, Application and Release Form are due by April 12, 2024
Step Three: Fill Out Contest Application, Complete Release Form and Submit Your Video
Video submission information, application, and eligibility and release form are available on the following website:





Baldwin Park Business Association Scholarship 2024 Application - DEADLINE TO APPLY: TBD



The Baldwin Park Business Association awards three $500 scholarships, one per high school

(Baldwin Park HS, Sierra Vista HS, and North Park HS), to graduating seniors who aim to attend university, community college, or trade school. Scholarship funds will be offered for Fall 2023 semester and will be paid by check directly to awardees upon submission of post-secondary acceptance letter to confirm enrollment. These funds can be used to cover campus fees, books, supplies, transportation, etc. as determined by the recipient.


If you have any questions, please email Angelica Calderon at [email protected] or by telephone at 626-856-4207.


Once the scholarship information has been received, details will be posted here. Stay tuned!