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DLAB (Independent Study Program)

As we prepare for the 2022-2023 school year, Baldwin Park Unified will continue to offer a full time independent study program option for families. Please review the information below that provides a program overview along with the referral process for the independent study program. A FAQ has been created to address frequently asked questions for families, the document can be found at the bottom of the page.

Referral Process

*If a student is accepted into the program, they will be required to adhere to a master agreement.

DLAB Interest Form Dates for the 2022-2023 School Year

Program Overview

The BPUSD independent study program, also known as DLAB, provides instruction to Kindergarten through 12th grade students. Students enrolled in the DLAB program are able to access their curriculum through a virtual learning platform, which can be accessed from their home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing them to work at their own pace to achieve mastery. Students take a full load of courses just as they would at the traditional school site. The DLAB program offers students the ability to take the majority of their courses online, creating a schedule that will allow them to pursue personal or professional interests.

This program is ideal for parents who want to pursue the option of online schooling for their children, with guidance from credentialed teachers. It is also an option for students who require a different approach with flexibility of time to catch up to their grade level or for students who may be disengaged with the standard comprehensive classroom setting and are in need of a challenge. Additionally, it is an option for students who have health concerns and can’t attend classes with a traditional schedule and students who may be struggling with behavior issues at a regular school. This program is also an option for students who adapted well with distance learning and would prefer an independent study option. 

Our DLAB program offers: 

  •      Free Public Independent Study program
  •      District Issued Device
  •      All curriculum, textbooks, and detailed lesson plans provided
  •      40 courses offered are UC/CSU A-G approved
  •      Follows traditional school calendar
  •      Flexibly tailored to your child’s individual needs
  •      Strategies and Techniques from Highly Qualified, Certificated Teachers
  •      Frequent assessing and monitoring of your child’s progress
  •      Serving students in Los Angeles County and surrounding counties 


Curricular Program 
The DLAB program offers students the ability to learn grade level, common core standards based curriculum the majority of the time from their home setting. Students are provided with district-adopted curriculum in all subject areas and are able to engage in the following online curriculum, programs and applications:  

 Online Programs: 

  • Learning platform that includes: Apex & Acellus
  • i-Ready
  • IStation
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Reflex Math
  • XtraMath
  • Accelerated Reader
  • Reading Eggs
  • BrainPop


Online Applications: 

  • Webex
  • Google Classroom (Google Suite)
  • Class Dojo
  • Flipgrid 
  • Thinking Maps
  • Torch created videos
  • Edpuzzle
  • Pear Deck
  • Seesaw
  • Quizlet
  • Kahoot
  • Quizizz


These online programs and applications are used to enhance and support the student’s learning experiences. Students will receive ongoing assessment to ensure progress and mastery of the standards. When students need additional support, teachers are able to provide differentiated and targeted assistance to meet individual student needs. Students also engage in programs that promote Social Emotional Learning such as Positive Behaviors Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Co-Vitality Survey Participation, Second Step SEL Curriculum, and have access to other district partnerships that support mental health such as Care Solace and local mental health agencies.  

Program Expectations


Students’ (grade 9-12) minimal acceptable work progress is completing a 5- credit course in 20 school days or 4 full weeks

  • Students are expected to complete all quizzes and tests in a course, as well as
  • 2 written (typed) assignments per unit, failure to do so will not allow the student to progress to the next unit.
  • In addition to these two written assignments students will be required to take one page (front and back) of notes per unit in the course.
  • This page of notes will be allowed to use on the unit exam, and then will be turned into the student’s Outreach Teacher
  • Once the student has completed all units and is ready for the Final Exam, they will have the option to use all of their notes on the Final Exam for that course.
  • Failure to adhere to these requirements can result in a parent meeting, or a referral to an alternative program or home school.


Students (Grades K-8):

  • Students are expected to complete all coursework delivered in the online learning platform with teacher instructional support.
  • The online courses are aligned to match the Common Core State Standards.
  • The teacher may also require additional assignments and activities per the District Assessment Guidelines, including applicable District Benchmarks and grade level specific activities and tasks.
  • The course will have a specific learning plan that is individualized and closely monitored.
  • Student progress will be monitored daily, weekly, and monthly through the online platform.
  • Student mastery of Common Core State Standards will be demonstrated using assessments such as I-Ready  Diagnostics, Accelerated Reader, and the online platform’s Formative and Summative Assessments.
  • Progress will be reported on the District Standards Based Report Card.