School Records

Please follow the process below to obtain a copy of your transcripts and/or school records.

  • Step #1: You may request your records by faxing or emailing your completed request. Please refer fillable form below.
  • Step #2: Please fax or email the entirely completed form, along with a copy of your photo id to fax number 626-608-3846 or [email protected] . Our department will receive the request via secured email, please allow 10 business day for processing time. Your records will be emailed directly to the email address noted on your request form. If you wish to have someone else request your records, your written authorization must be attached or noted on the request along with the recipient’s photo id. Incomplete requests will not be processed. 




**  Official sealed copies are available upon request. If you have further questions or a records request submission you may email [email protected]