Summer Assistance Program (CSESAP)

The Baldwin Park Unified School District will be participating in the Year 6 California Department of Education (CDE) sponsored "Classified Summer Assistance Program" (California Education Code Section 45500). The State grant program assists classified employees in saving money for the summer months when they don't receive a paycheck. 


How it works:

  1. You determine your contribution amount, which can be up to 10% of your gross pay.
  2. The deadline to apply is March 1st.
  3. Payout of your deferred funds and the a percentage of the State matching dollars will take place in Summer 2025; the remainder amount from the State will be apportioned to the District in the Fall of 2025.

 Here are some important points about the program:

  1. Employees must have worked as a permanent employee with BPUSD for at least one calendar year as of March 1st.
  2. Employees must be employed by BPUSD 11 months or less (i.e., 180-day, 10-months, & 11-months) per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) and earn $62,400 or less per school year (exclude summer recess pay) to receive a dollar-for-dollar match.
  3. Employees who change their employment status to 12 months or non-classified, can no longer participate.
  4. Employees must complete the entire school year to remain in the program.
  5. Employees who resign or leave the program mid-year will become ineligible and will no longer participate.  However, the employees' withholding amounts will be returned.

Payment Schedule for 180-day, 10-month, and 11-month:

  • 1 payment option - July 10th
  • 2 payment option - July 10th & August 10th 
If you have additional questions not covered in the FAQ, please contact Lupe Palacios at 626-856-4309 or via email at [email protected].