Special Education

Baldwin Park Unified School District’s Special Education Department is a division of Student Achievement that is responsible for the leadership, administration, and supervision for Special Education services. Our Special Education Department includes a variety of services, supports, and programs dedicated to ensuring equitable access and success for students with disabilities. Services and supports are based on each student's need and eligibility as outlined by Federal and State law. The District is committed to ensuring that a continuum of services is provided that meet the unique needs of individual students. Services are provided for eligible students beginning at age 3 and continuing until the student's 22nd birthday. 


BPUSD joins fifteen other school districts to form the East San Gabriel Valley Special Education Local Plan Area (ESGV SELPA). Although the majority of students are served in the district, there are a number of regionalized programs operated by individual districts for all students in the ESGV SELPA. As a result, some students with special needs who are residents of Baldwin Park participate in specialized programs in neighboring school districts. 


Mission Statement 

The Special Education Department of Baldwin Park Unified School District is dedicated to ensuring that our students will be provided with appropriate identification, high-quality programs, services, and supports, in an inclusive culture, designed to meet their unique needs and prepare them for post-secondary opportunities and a successful adult life. 


Vision Statement  

We believe… 

  • Every student deserves recognition, attention, and respect, and all students must be offered rigorous academic programs and classrooms that support high achievement.
  • That all students can reach their highest possible standard of achievement. 
  • Our staff and programs use research-based practices that are designed to support students in meeting their goals. 
  • That professional development will focus on the refinement of instructional practices that reflect the unique needs of our students.  
  • By working in collaboration with general education staff, all students receive benefit from instruction and intervention in the general education setting. 
  • Working in collaboration with parents, the community, and school teams supports the most optimal outcomes for our students.  

Any parent or guardian that believes they have a child that might require special education intervention may call the Special Education Office at the Baldwin Park District Office and talk with someone about their concerns at (626) 962-3311.