Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following FAQs are provided to address questions and concerns asked during recent parent and community meetings regarding the District’s School Closures, Consolidation, and Revitalization Plan.


To ensure that future generations of Baldwin Park Unified students have access to top-tier programs, it is imperative to adjust the costs of our current facility operations by reorganizing our school campuses. The District closed Pleasant View Elementary School at the end of the 2022-23 school year. On October 10, 2023, The Board of Education voted to approve the closure of Central Elementary School and Margaret Heath Elementary School at the conclusion of the 2023-24 school year. 



What are the enrollment numbers at BPUSD elementary schools?

As of Sept. 21, 2023:


BP STEM (Elementary)






De Anza














Vineland DLAB





Due to Districtwide declining enrollment, during the 2023-2024 school year, over half of the elementary schools are enrolled at less than 50% capacity and have enough available classrooms to accommodate more students. The ideal size for an elementary school is between 500-600 students, and the student enrollment and school capacities are within this threshold.


Will class size increase with school closures?

Baldwin Park USD class sizes will remain at or below 24 students in grades TK-3 and at or below 36 students in grades 4-5.


Is there any way the Board of Education can reevaluate the decision to close schools?

The District began conversations regarding school closures in 2015 and established a budget advisory committee in 2019 to give recommendations to the Board regarding fiscal solvency. In the Spring of 2022, the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on School Closures was formed to evaluate multiple variables and data to submit a thoroughly vetted recommendation for a school closure plan to the Board. Additionally, in Spring 2023, the District held four community Town Halls to hear from the community regarding concerns about school closures and recommendations for revitalization. At the same time, a survey was made available to all community members to give feedback to the District regarding school closures. The Board of Education wants to ensure District resources are allocated in a manner that is most beneficial to students. The District aims to continue fostering high-quality academic and extra-curricular programs for all students.


Will additional sites be affected by school closures?

The District is entering Phase III of the School Closures, Consolidation, and Revitalization Plan, and from the recommendation made by the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on School Closures (SACSC) and presented at the Board meeting on Sept. 26. The details are noted in the chart below.


School Year



Pleasant View


Central Elementary

Heath Elementary

BP STEM Elementary (Relocation)






Middle School TBD

Elementary School TBD


While the District is currently focusing efforts on reconfiguring closures for Central Elementary School and Margaret Heath Elementary School at the conclusion of this 2023-24 school year, there was a recommendation from the SACSC to evaluate closing a potential middle school and elementary school at the conclusion of the 2026-27 school year, dependent on actual and projected enrollment patterns.


Currently, no discussions on future school closures are taking place, as we focus our efforts on the transitions for this year. The District will be sure to communicate any future news regarding public meetings on school closures, but none are planned at this time.


How will the District keep the parent community informed?

The District will share additional information as it is available. Please look for regular updates via the school and District websites, social media, and ParentSquare. Printed information will also be made available for students to bring home as necessary.  


Parents, please update your contact information or preferences if necessary. 


Will Think Together be available at other BPUSD schools?

Yes, Think Together is available at all BPUSD elementary schools.


Which schools offer Dual Language at the elementary level?

For the 2023-2024 school year, Dual language programs are available at Foster, Geddes, Heath, Tracy, and Walnut.


For the 2024-2025 school year, Dual language programs will be available at Foster, Geddes, Tracy, and Walnut. 


Is there an option for at-home learning?

Yes, families interested in distance learning can enroll in the District’s Digital Learning and Beyond (DLAB) program. For more information, visit the BPUSD website.


Can parents volunteer during the next school year to help with these transitions?

The District appreciates parent volunteers and has an application form system to process requests. Please contact your School Community Liaison for more information.


Is mental health support available to students?

The socio-emotional well-being of our students is a priority for BPUSD. We are proud to offer all students robust mental health resources including our award winning CoVitality assessment tool, Bridge Counseling Referrals, and Care Solace partnership.  


CoVitality – CoVitality is a tool designed to measure the social-emotional well-being for students in grades 4-12. As schools complete the survey, they conduct individualized assessments of their specific needs and tailor programs and interventions accordingly. The CoVitality survey is given to students in the month of November.


Bridge Counseling Referrals – The District offers 3-5 sessions of counseling per student without cost and regardless of health insurance status. Parents, teachers, and staff can refer any struggling students who need this service.


Care Solace - Care Solace is an online research tool that assists individuals in finding local counseling-related services, to promote the importance of mental health and ensure the well-being of the District community. Care Solace services are available year-round including summer at no cost to BPUSD students, families, and staff. Individuals answer 10 questions and are directed to an extensive list of referrals for care providers. A search algorithm matches individuals with mental health care resources within seconds. Care Solace generates referrals that take into account a variety of insurance policies, including private insurance, Medi-Cal, Medicaid, and Medicare. If uninsured, Care Solace also identifies local care providers that allow individuals to pay out-of-pocket for services. The site does not require a username, home address, phone number, or date of birth.


If a parent identifies that their child needs support in processing the transition to a new school, parents should contact their school office to access any available mental health support. Mental health support and resources can be found on the District website Mental Health page here.


What information will be provided to families about other schools?

Families and students will have opportunities to attend meetings with the principals at identified schools and tour the campuses. A schedule of meetings and tours will be shared online and sent to families in their enrollment letters coming soon.


When is the official school closure date?

Margaret Heath Elementary School and Central Elementary School will remain open through this current school year until mid-June 2024. 


How will the closed school sites be used?

While plans are still in progress, BPUSD is working to develop a use for the closed school sites that addresses community and District needs.  

      • The Board of Education is currently reviewing the recommendations from the 7-11 Committee regarding the Elwin and Pleasant View sites. More information and future meeting details will be shared on our website, social media, and on ParentSquare.  


Can parents provide input on how the sites will be used?

Yes, there will be opportunities for the community to provide input during the District’s 7-11 Committee meetings. The next meeting date will be shared on the District’s website and social media platforms.   


Will Early Childhood Education (ECE) Programs be affected by closures?

Early Childhood Education programs, including Early Head Start, Head Start, and the California State Preschool Program run independently from the TK-12 system.


Whether they remain open at proposed closure sites will depend on several factors to be reviewed by the ECE leadership team at a later date.


Will programs such as Husky Bucks, PBIS, Reading, and Math be affected and available at other sites?

All BPUSD elementary schools have similar enrichment programs that offer opportunities for a successful student experience. BPUSD values its quality engagement, educational, and incentive programs and will consider effective programs to implement at other school sites along with the current programs already in place.


Will there be support for Dual Language students who are relocating to help them transition?

BPUSD’s Dual Language Program (DL) will be available at Foster, Geddes, Tracy, and Walnut elementary schools. DL programs provide a variety of support for students to succeed. BPUSD will share updates and resources to help with the transition.


How will the District avoid congestion and overcrowding at the larger schools?

BPUSD will follow guidelines set in place for campus capacity and class size ratios below.


BPUSD class sizes will remain at or below 24 students in grades TK-3 and at or below 36 students in grades 4-5.


The District will continue to evaluate the most efficient use of bell schedules and building spaces necessary for each student’s success.


Will there be shared/combination classes?

The School Closures, Consolidation, and Revitalization Plan aims to minimize the number of shared/combo classes, allowing teachers a better focus on one grade level per classroom.


Will there be enough teachers at the new schools?

Yes, BPUSD will maintain the required number of teachers at new school sites to accommodate the number of students enrolled. 


What will happen to teachers from the closed sites? Will they follow the students?

BPUSD will work closely with the teachers' association and representatives to ensure the best placement for teachers, whether it be following students to the new designated schools, or selecting other BPUSD sites in the District. 


There is a detailed process to review vacancies, open positions that become available due to retirements, and procedures to be followed with the teacher's representation to ensure a proper method for teachers to choose their new school sites. 


Is there a plan to prevent new students from being bullied and excluded?

The District recognizes the harmful effects of bullying and student safety is a top priority of the District. BPUSD will follow the District’s Bullying Policy, and will have heightened measures of supervision, as well as prepare discussion tools for teachers and parents to ensure a welcoming and safe school environment.


In addition, the District aims to host Principal Meet and Greet events and school field trips, with additional opportunities to get familiar with new campuses prior to the first day of school.


Will additional academic or behavioral aides be provided?

Additional assistance will be assessed based on needs, requests, and site evaluations. Need will be reviewed to determine appropriate staffing.


Will a proposed timeline of the school closures be shared so we parents can plan enrollment and adjust for new routines?

The most up-to-date information will be shared as it develops using all channels, including letters sent home, the BPUSD website, ParentSquare, and social media containing dates and transition information ahead of the 2024-2025 school year.


Would the District consider taking students from other larger schools and moving them to smaller schools?

BPUSD continues to consider the best options for families. The current School Closures, Consolidation, and Revitalization Plan reduces the number of impacted students being moved from a school.    


Can online learning students be encouraged to return to in-person instruction?

At this time, there will be no changes made to BPUSD’s independent study program (DLAB), which allows students a flexible learning program to meet their needs and educational goals.


Will there be resources for parents/guardians to help explain closures to their children?

Yes, BPUSD will provide support resources in advance of transitions. In addition, once the plan is finalized, school personnel will conduct classroom visits to share information with students directly.


Is there a plan to attract and retain students in our District to avoid further closures?

The primary causes of declining enrollment are decreasing birth rates and economic circumstances.


With the School Closures, Consolidation, and Revitalization Plan, the District will be better positioned to support and retain current students and will have increased potential to attract new students to be a part of BPUSD’s unique programs, activities, and opportunities.


How were schools selected to be closed, and what was evaluated?

The SACSC gathered and evaluated various forms of data to inform their decision on which school sites were identified. Factors and criteria included: enrollment, capacity, availability and transfer of special programs, pupil needs, physical conditions of a school facility, transportation, environmental factors (freeway, access, traffic, etc.), balance of demographics, operating costs, and opportunities for blight.


Does the District really save money when closing a school?

There are cost savings when closing a school with a decrease in personnel, supplies, and utility usage. Through the process of closing schools, the District is able to right-size the number of facilities in operation to match the overall student population. This allows the District more resources to be distributed to the remaining schools to enhance operations.


Funds will be strategically allocated to ensure robust programs remain available at all sites in order to provide direct services to students.


Has the District considered decreasing District staff or layoffs to avoid school closures?

BPUSD has been carefully evaluating and comparing enrollment numbers and school staff numbers with the appropriate amount of District staff to support. As an additional measure, current vacancies are evaluated to determine the need to fill positions. 


Can removing or selling any school portable bungalow classrooms save money to keep schools from closing?

The District has assessed bungalow operations. Unfortunately, selling them provides very minimal, one-time revenues and the District will still have a need for facility maintenance spending.





Will there be support, accommodations, and transportation information for students receiving special education services?

Accommodations and transportation eligibility are implemented according to a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Additional support may be requested and evaluated accordingly. More information can be found on the Special Education page.


Will staff and faculty at new schools be trained to meet the needs, patterns, and usual routines of our students receiving special education services?

The success of every student is important to BPUSD. The District will be taking necessary measures to ensure the smoothest transition, including staff preparations, classroom planning, and facility assessments.


Will services and programs for a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) (e.g. Hillside Counseling, SDC Pathways) transfer or follow students to the new site?

Yes, BPUSD will work together with all school sites to ensure the continuation of services and programs that are important for student success.


If there is a pending special education qualification evaluation, will that continue to the new school?

Yes, BPUSD will work together with new school sites to ensure the continuation of assessments and other IEP procedures and services.





Will transportation be provided?

Transportation will be provided to the school at which the student is assigned according to the District’s current Board Policy as follows:

  • Grades TK-3: Over ¾ mile distance from home to the school of residence
  • Grades 4-8: Over 1-mile distance from home to the school of residence

Students who reside closer to the school of residence than the above mileage ranges are not eligible for bussing.  Families who select Open Enrollment at a different school are not eligible for transportation.


What if a new school is too far? How do I qualify for transportation?

Bus eligibility, pickup times, and meeting locations will vary depending on address locations and proximity to the school. Current information about transportation is available on the transportation page.


With an increase of students, what will street accessibility for drop off and pick up look like at new schools?

The safety of families is a priority for BPUSD. To help with the transition to a new school, the District will continue to evaluate traffic patterns, assess necessary traffic flow adjustments, and have sufficient supervision staff available to monitor arrivals and departures.





With the consolidation of BP STEM Academy, what will bathrooms, playgrounds, fields, classroom locations, and interactions among grade levels be like?

BP STEM will be consolidated and reconfigured for all 3-8 graders to be on the main campus. BPUSD has evaluated the main campus of BP STEM and identified ways to keep classrooms for grades 3-5 located near each other so the grade level cohort can remain as a cohesive unit together. In addition, a specific playground area and bathrooms will be designated for students of grades 3-5 exclusively. 


The use of alternating bell schedules for elementary and middle school students will also be developed to keep environments familiar and consistent. As needed, supervision schedules will be adjusted to ensure appropriate coverage in the hallways before, during, and after school to ensure safety.  


Positive and constructive interactions between all grade levels on campus will be encouraged with possible incentivized buddy programs aimed to boost confidence and mentorship opportunities to further build a welcoming community.   


With the consolidation of BP STEM Academy, how will students benefit from merging?

By having all classrooms on the main campus, the goal is for teachers, staff, and student cohorts to better collaborate. With resources being brought together, students will be able to receive strengthened attention and refined educational experiences.


Will BP STEM accept students from other elementary schools such as Central into grades 3-5 on the merged campus?

Yes, enrollment will be open to all incoming students in the BPUSD during open enrollment dates. More information will be provided to families in advance of open enrollment.  


Will music or robotics programs suffer from having more students on the main BP STEM Academy campus?

Current programming will remain in place following the consolidation of the campus.


Are there still plans for BP STEM Academy to offer instruction for grades 1 and 2?

The District will continue to evaluate BP STEM Academy to determine the feasibility for more students. The District will share more information as it becomes available.


What is the capacity of BP STEM’s main campus, and what will it look like after merging?

BP STEM Academy’s main campus capacity is 808 with 494 students currently enrolled. With the School Closures, Consolidation, and Revitalization Plan, 108 projected BP STEM Elementary students would merge for a total of 602 students on the main campus. More precise information will be available after 2024-2025 enrollment. 


Would it be possible to combine BP STEM Elementary with Margaret Heath Elementary?

The Committee discussed various scenarios for the BP STEM elementary program, including different elementary schools. The committee determined that it would still be advisable to close two schools this year and identified Central and Margaret Heath in the process. 



2024-2025 ENROLLMENT


What are the open enrollment dates for the 2024-25 school year? 

Open enrollment dates for the 2024-25 school year are Nov. 1 – Dec. 20 for all BPUSD schools.  


Will this year’s open enrollment dates be flexible? 

Yes, this year’s open enrollment period has been extended for all BPUSD schools by an additional 2 weeks to allow parents more time. Open enrollment dates for the 2024-25 school year are Nov. 1 – Dec. 20 for all BPUSD schools. 


How will parents know which school will be recommended for their children based on residential address? 

Parents of Heath and Central will receive letters in early November detailing the enrollment process and indicating their recommended school based on their residential address or instructional program (such as the Special Education Pathway). The letter will have a link to an enrollment survey and will contain schedules of information sessions at all elementary schools.


For families already in the Heath residential area, the recommended school will be determined based on their location being west or east of Baldwin Park Blvd.  

        • Families residing WEST of Baldwin Park Blvd. will be recommended to Walnut. 
        • Families residing EAST of Baldwin Park Blvd. will be recommended to Geddes. 


For families currently enrolled in Heath that belong to another BP school’s residential area, the recommended school will be the one for your current neighborhood. 



For families already in the Central residential area, the recommended school will be Vineland. 


For families currently enrolled in Central that belong to another BP school’s residential area, the recommended school will be the one for your current neighborhood. 



        • BP STEM will be consolidated and reconfigured for all 3-8 graders to be on the main campus.  
        • For families interested in grades 3rd to 5th, please complete the Open Enrollment process.
        • For families in grades 6th to 8th who already live in the BP STEM residential area, enrollment is automatic.


Those from other neighborhoods must complete Open Enrollment. 

What are the enrollment options for Heath and Central families?

Families will have two options for enrollment:


Option 1: Parents select the recommended school by residential address.

Students will automatically be enrolled in the recommended school by residential address. However, parents must confirm this choice by completing the enrollment survey using the link in the letter.


Option 2: Parents may select another BPUSD school during Open Enrollment.

Parents may enroll in a school of their choice during the Open Enrollment period from November 1, 2023, through December 20, 2023, for the 2024-2025 school year. If a family chooses Open Enrollment, they will need to pick up and complete an Open Enrollment application from the desired school. As well as indicating their choice on the enrollment survey that will be sent.


Special Education Classes: If a student is in a self-contained Special Education classroom (SDC), the family will be notified of the new school location of the class. Please note that the annual enrollment/registration process needs to be completed before the school year begins to confirm emergency information and completion of required documents.

The SDC Pathway at Central will move to Bursch

The SDC Pathway at Heath will move to Walnut


5th Grade Students going to the Middle School: Fifth grade students will need to enroll in Middle School as they typically would when entering a new school at the beginning of the year. Middle School enrollment is typically based on a family's address.


How can parents secure their child’s enrollment at their desired BPUSD school? 

It is strongly suggested that parents utilize the Open Enrollment window as that is the best time to secure registration.

After the Open Enrollment period, staffing and classroom needs are evaluated based on the number of students assigned to each school to best prepare for the 2024-25 school year. Following this process helps better facilitate student enrollment.


If a parent elects to follow the recommended school designated by their residential address, are they automatically enrolled, is there anything else to do?

Students will be automatically enrolled, however, parents must confirm this choice by completing the enrollment survey using the link in the letter. 


Should parents take immediate action to transfer their children to Geddes, Vineland, Bursch, Foster, Kenmore during this school year to ensure their place for next year? 

It is recommended that students from Central and Heath remain enrolled in their current school through the remainder of the 2023-24 school year to complete the academic year and ensure a smooth transition. 


Receiving schools do not have sufficient staffing to accommodate an influx of enrollment for this 2023-24 school year. 


Can parents transfer their children now to get them acclimated to new schools before next year?

Together, the District and school sites will be arranging multiple opportunities for students and families to get familiar with new school campuses and staff over the next few months. 


Meet The Principal Virtual Sessions - Site principals will host daytime and afternoon Webex meetings for parents and prospective students to learn about available programs.


School Campus Tours – Site principals will host daytime and afternoon tours for parents and prospective students to familiarize themselves with the new school and learn about available programs. These tours are held early in the process and are staggered so that parents have the opportunity to see several schools before they must indicate their final choice of school by December 20.


New School Fieldtrips – In the month of May, all of the students from the closing school will participate in a field trip to the specific school that was selected by their parents. At the receiving school, the principal, staff, and teachers hold assemblies or meetings and provide tours of the campus to give the students familiarity with their new schools. These trips will also ensure that the students have a chance to see their new campus prior to the first day of school in August of 2024.


Think Together Summer Program- The best opportunity to give a student a head start at their new campus would be to enroll in the Think Together Summer Program at the new school site. It is an opportunity to interact with students, get adjusted to the campus, and begin the process of transition prior to the first day of the 2024-2025 school year.  


It is recommended that students remain enrolled in their current school through the remainder of the 2023-24 school year to complete the academic year and ensure a smooth transition.