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Baldwin Park Unified School District

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Social Media Resources


Social Media Classroom Resources
Articles with ideas on how to use social media 
Where do I begin?
Items to consider before bringing social media into your class
Sample Parent Letter
Take this sample parent letter as a way to communicate with parents
Social Media Expectations
Review Board Policy expectations
Frequently Asked Questions

Social Media BP1114

Read the details in the Board Policy

District Supported Social Media Platforms

Requirements for Social Media Platform

1. Platform must be secure and require individual logins, no anonymous posting allowed.

2. Social media platform must be age appropriate and users must abide by the social media terms of use.

3. Platform must allow for more than one teacher or administrator to monitor, moderate and suspend posts and comments.

4. Direct conversations can only be educational and must use district provided platforms.

5. Student and teacher profiles must not be made public and searchable online.