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Baldwin Park Unified Celebrates Sierra Vista High’s Class of 2017

 BALDWIN PARK – Sierra Vista High School valedictorian Jeronimo Reyes, speaking to classmates at the school’s June 1 commencement, detailed the importance of improving the world through education lessons learned and forgotten, the impact of helpful teachers and the philosophy of friendship delivered by the high school comedy “Mean Girls.”

The event recognized the academic achievement of the school’s 408 graduating seniors, who were adorned with colorful leis, elaborately decorated caps and cheerful smiles as they earned their long-awaited diplomas to the roaring applause of more than 1,000 attendees.

“High school was a blur – a stressful, surreal blur,” Reyes said. “Here, at the end of all things when that blur is at a halt and we can begin to see clearly, I don’t want to say it because I know that will make it all real – but goodbye and good luck.”

Reyes is the recipient of a QuestBridge scholarship that will cover the full cost of his attendance at Washington and Lee University, a $264,000 value. He earned a 4.71 GPA and plans to become a doctor, a surgeon and eventually surgeon general of the United States.

Salutatorian Danica Dulay, who will attend UCLA with the help of a $12,630 Cal Grant, commended her classmates on how their determination and perseverance against myriad challenges, including family tragedies, mental illness and financial struggles, have readied them for the real world.

“Sitting among us right now are future doctors, lawyers, filmmakers, teachers, animators, writers, actors, engineers or even millionaires,” Dulay said. “Here is the truth about yourself, you can do anything – talent makes you great, but hard work takes you all the way.”

Sierra Vista High’s seniors will attend prestigious colleges across the U.S., including UC Irvine, UC Berkeley, UC Davis and California State University, Fullerton. Some 82 students received 128 scholarships totaling more than $700,000 from community groups and colleges.

Fifteen seniors received departmental medals for excellence while 27 received the Seal of Biliteracy, which recognizes fluency in two or more languages.

“Congratulations to Sierra Vista High’s class of 2017,” Superintendent Froilan N. Mendoza said. “We are proud of the success our students have achieved and we know they will continue to use the lessons they learned here at Sierra Vista High to thrive in college and beyond.”

Following the awarding of diplomas, graduating seniors were met with hugs and tearful smiles from friends and family members as the night ended with a hail of fireworks, punctuating the conclusion of high school.

Sierra Vista High School scholarship recipients:

  • Azusa Pacific University Founders' Award: Luz Avila; Vanessa Vazqiez.
  • Baldwin Park Education Association Scholarship: Katherine Sandoval.
  • Baldwin Park Organization of School Administrators: Jenny Thuy Vo.
  • Baldwin Park Sister Cities Association Scholarship: Angel Espinoza; Alyssa Garcia; Maria Huipio; Dulce Jimenez; Katherine Sandoval.
  • Baldwin Park Woman's Club Liberal Arts Scholarship: Maria Huipio; Nancy Montalvo.
  • Baldwin Park Woman's Club Music Scholarship: "Classical Instrumental": Sharon Stone; "Classical Vocalist": Gabriel Navata; "Pop Instrumental": Junior Leyva-Gallardo.
  • California School Employees Association Scholarship: Jasmin Gabrielle Gonzalez.
  • California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Grant: Yesenia Diaz; Hernandez, Steven; Nelson
  • Lainez; Alexander Osornio; Nayeli Ruiz Ramirez.
  • California State University, Fullerton Grant: Jocelyn Lira; Nancy Montalvo; Jason Nguyen.
  • California State University, Los Angeles Grant: Jennifer Haro; Pedro Morales.
  • California State University, Monterey Bay Grant: Dulce Jimenez.
  • Daniel Carlos Herrera Memorial Scholarship: Rogelio Valenzuela.
  • David & Martha Bilingual Student Scholarship: Hoang Tran.
  • Delta Kappa Gamma Society Scholarship: Yailin Benitez; Dafne Canales; Norma Gutierrez.
  • Fresno State University Grant: Amber Hernandez.
  • George Onate Memorial Scholarship: Wendy Alvarado; Dafne Canales; Favian Esparza Hernandez;
  • Andrew Martinez; Alejandra Mercado Rivera; Sergio Ocampo; Anyuri Vazquez.
  • Kenmore Alumni College Scholarship: Marisol Rivas; Sharon Stone; Mark Daniel Flores Music
  • Foundation Scholarship: Sharon Stone.
  • Montview League Outstanding Senior: Stephanie Cinsun; Danica Dulay; Fabiola Gonzalez; Susana
  • Martinez; Joshua Prieto.
  • Mount Saint Mary's University Mount Award: Isela Felix.
  • Mount Saint Mary's University President Award: Isela Felix.
  • New York University Liberal Studies Scholarship: Maria Huipio.
  • QuestBridge Scholarship: Jeronimo Reyes.
  • Ramona Burnham Scholarship: Heber Amaya.
  • San Diego State University Grant: Marisol Rivas.
  • San Gabriel Valley Woman's Club Music Scholarship: Gabriel Navata; "Classical Vocalist": Shelly
  • Spiegel - Coleman Scholarship: Heber Amaya; Belkis Enamorado; Angel Espinoza; Norma Gutierrez;
  • Alejandra Mercado Rivera.
  • Sierra Vista High School AVID Scholarship: Nayeli De La Torre; Marilyn Flores; Lizbeth Martinez; Alexis Paredes; Katherine Sandoval.
  • Sierra Vista High School IDEAS Club Scholarship: Wendy Alvarado; Alejandra Mercado Rivera; Anyuri Vazquez.
  • Sierra Vista High School NAMI Club Scholarship: Maria Huipio; Dulce Jimenez.
  • Sierra Vista High School Outstanding Senior Female Athlete: Fabiola Gonzalez.
  • Sierra Vista High School Outstanding Senior Male Athlete: Adan Montes.
  • Sierra Vista High School Three Year Graduate: Daniela Serrano; Recognition Award.
  • Southern Utah University Merit Scholarship: Cynthia Gutierrez.
  • TheDream.US Scholarship: Wendy Alvarado; Belkis Enamorado.
  • United States Army Post 911 G.I. Bill: Nancy Jimenez; Matthew Ramirez; Harrison Su; Jacqueline
  • Valdez Lopez; University of California, Berkeley Grant: Ryan Nuqui.
  • University of California, Davis Campus Fee Grant: Angel Guerrero.
  • University of California, Davis Grant: Angel Guerrero.
  • University of California, Irvine Chancellor's Excellence: Angel Quintero; Scholarship.
  • University of California, Los Angeles Grant: Tam Do; Jasmin Gonzalez; Dustin Tran; Monique Verdugo.
  • University of California, Los Angeles USHIP Grant: Tam Do; Danica Dulay; Jasmin Gonzalez; Dustin Tran; Monique Verdugo.
  • University of California, Merced Bobcat Grant: Kimberly Castaneda.
  • University of California, Riverside Grant: Crystal Auduong; Miranda Gonzalez; Kaylee Nguyen; Alexis Paredes; Caliah Thong.
  • University of California, San Diego Chancellor's School: Susan La; University of California, SanDiego Grant: Eduardo Berganza; Jesel Von Kalaw; Susan La; Jolene Leung; Jenny Thuy Vo.
  • University of California, Santa Barbara Freshman School: Rossie Perez.
  • University of California, Santa Barbara Grant: Rossie Perez.
  • University of La Verne Award: Kimberly Araujo; Gissely Figueroa; Vivian Le; Danilo Lugli; Amanda
  • Scovel; Jose Vasquez.
  • University of La Verne Grant: Melanie Abitia; Kimberly Araujo; Gissely Figueroa; Vivian Le; Toni
  • Lozano; Danilo Lugli; Amanda Scovel; Jose Vasquez.
  • University of La Verne Founders Scholarship: Melanie Abitia.
  • University of La Verne Trustee Scholarship: Toni Lozano; Waste Management Scholarship: Anyuri Vazquez.
  • West Covina Masonic Scholarship: Danilo Lugli.
  • Woodbury Academic Scholarship: Dario Salgado.

Seal of Biliteracy recipients: Patricia Aguirre, Maria Arenas, Alexis Arguelles, Auvin Arguelles, Daniel Badillo, Irene Benitez, Eduardo Berganza, Dafne Canales, Andrea Carrera, Kimberly Castaneda, Jocelyn Cruz, Leslie Davila, Yesenia Diaz, Miranda Gonzalez, Emily Haro, Nancy Montalvo, Anabel Morales, Gisselle Moreno, Maria Muro, Arlyn Pereda, Angel Quintero, Jeronimo Reyes, Marisol Rivas, Nayeli Ruiz, Yesennia Sandoval, Erick Sotelo, Angelica Villavicencio.


BPUSD_SVHS_GRAD_1: More than 1,000 attendees brought vibrant signs and photos of grads to cheer on the 408 seniors in Sierra Vista High School’s graduating class of 2017. The event took place at the school’s stadium on June 1.

BPUSD_SVHS_GRAD_2: Sierra Vista High School’s graduating class of 2017 erupts with howls and cheers after they flip their tassels, signaling the end of their high school careers, during the school’s graduation ceremony on June 1.