Mayan History Comes Alive at BP STEM Academy

In an exciting collaboration, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) teamed up with BP STEM Academy to offer a unique educational experience, immersing seventh-grade students in Mayan history. Through a special activity exhibit pop-up and artifact discovery lessons, students had the opportunity to delve into the ancient civilization's rich culture and heritage. Over 170 seventh grade students across Mrs. Armstrong, Ms. Perez, Mr. Keeler, and Mr. Castillo's classes participated in the exciting opportunity.

Part of the initiative was the "Maya Mobile," a specially designed learning space that transported students back in time to the era of the Maya civilization. Modeled after the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque, Mexico, the pop-up provided an immersive setting for students to engage with Mayan history. Here, they learned to create Maya glyphs, unlocking the secrets of the ancient writing system that has fascinated historians for centuries.

Led by LACMA staff, students also had the unique opportunity to handle artifacts dating back over 2000 years. Under the guidance of experts, they learned the importance of careful preservation and the significance of these relics in understanding the Mayan way of life. From intricately carved stone monuments to delicate pottery, each artifact offered a glimpse into the daily lives and beliefs of this remarkable civilization. 

"I'd like to acknowledge our Department Chair Mrs. Hepner, who did a fantastic job leading and organizing this awesome opportunity for all of our 7th graders," Paul Keeler, Social Studies teacher at BP STEM Academy said. 


*Photos courtesy of BP STEM Academy 7th Grade Social Studies Department Teachers


BPSTEM_LACMA 1: Seventh-grade students from BP STEM Academy pose for a photo outside of the Maya Mobile exhibit. 
BPSTEM_LACMA 2: Seventh-grade students from BP STEM Academy engage with real artifacts. 
BPSTEM_LACMA 3: Interior photo of the Maya Mobile exhibit. 
BPSTEM_LACMA 4: Seventh-grade students from BP STEM Academy create their own glyphs inside the Maya Mobile pop-up.