Design Series Inspires Sierra Vista Middle School Students Towards Creative Careers

This guest lecture series, supported by the recently enacted Proposition 28 Art and Music assembly bill, aims to expose students to the diverse realms of production design, commercial art, automotive design, gaming, and the entertainment industry. 


Throughout the session, students were enthralled as Saldana delved into various design disciplines, showcasing how creativity and innovation intertwine to shape the modern world. Saldana illustrated how design is not just a profession but a gateway to various opportunities.


"It was so cool to see how things are created, and to learn that I can do that myself. I want to work in animation in the future," 6th-grade student Daniel Vargas said. 


Under the guidance of their teachers and the expertise of Mr. Saldana, SVMS students are embarking on a six-week journey into the fundamentals of industrial design. Through hands-on activities and immersive learning experiences, students will channel their new skills and knowledge into the creation of professional-grade movie posters.



SVMS Design Series 1: Students at Sierra Vista Middle School participate in Industry Design series hosted by guest Rodolfo Saldana.


SVMS Design Series 2: Industrial Designer Rodolfo Saldana demonstrates the difference between 2D and 3D design shapes.


SVMS Design Series 3: Industrial Designer Rodolfo Saldana instructs students how to draw 3D shapes.


SVMS Design Series 4: Industrial Designer Rodolfo Saldana demonstrates value and drawing principles.