District Spotlight: BPUSD School Psychology Staff Help Students Thrive!

Baldwin Park Unified School District is proud to spotlight our dedicated school psychologists and staff who make a profound impact on the lives of students' lives. By skillfully applying a variety of principles, our psychology staff goes above and beyond to address the diverse learning and behavioral health needs of our students.

Whether it's providing individual counseling sessions, conducting assessments, collaborating with teachers, supporting staff and families, or implementing interventions to foster a positive school environment, our school psychologists are at the forefront ensuring students thrive both academically and emotionally.

“We recognize and deeply appreciate the invaluable contributions our psychologists provide to our school community. We are fortunate to have such committed professionals serving our schools and guiding students towards a brighter future,” Superintendent Froilan N. Mendoza said. 

For more information about BPUSD Mental Health Resources, please visit: Mental Health – Student Services 



BPUSD_2024_School_Psychologists: From left to right, top to bottom: 

Mary Guirguis, School Psych at various sites; Carina Pantoja, School Psych at Heath/Walnut; Yostina Halaka, School Psych at SVHS; Mayra Trejo, Board Certified Behavior Analyst at various sites; Dr. Gina Armendariz, Program Administrator; Sarah Ammon, Director of Special Education; Daniel Hernandez, School Psych at Geddes/Vineland; Janni Martinez, School Psych at Olive/SVHS; Anthony Hernandez, School Psych at BP STEM; Veronica Morfin, School Psych at De Anza; Mariana Tapia, School Psych at Jones/BPHS; Juan Ramirez, School Psych at various sites; Claudia Lopez, School Psych at Foster; Cecilia Sanchez, Board Certified Behavior Analyst at various sites; Melissa Doble, Board Certified Behavior Analyst at various sites; Christine Acosta, School Psych of pre-school; Princess Poblete, School Psych at Central/Kenmore; Erika Munoz, School Psych at SVJH.

*Not photographed: Dr. Patricia Lopez, School Psych at Bursch/Tracy; Marybel Velasco, School Psych at BPHS; Eunice Juarez, ERMHS at various sites; Dr. Lori Andrews, Assistant Director of Special Education; Dr. Rebecca Parres, Program Administrator; Paul Valerio, Program Administrator.