Successful Professional Development Day Engages Teachers and Staff

This student-free day brought together educators from early childhood education through high school levels, alongside dedicated classified staff members, for a day of learning, sharing, and networking. With nearly 180 teachers and over 200 classified staff members in attendance, the events showcased the collective dedication to improving education.
Certificated staff sessions were tailored to meet the diverse needs of teachers and support educators at all levels. Elementary teachers explored Multilingual Learning and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), while middle school sessions covered subjects like mathematics, science, student support, and collaboration with the high schools. High school educators engaged in topics ranging from Thinking Maps to vaping awareness. A key highlight for primary schools was the partnered learning sessions with the California Science Center who shared insights into innovative ways to teach science. The day also facilitated collaboration across schools, emphasizing vertical alignment and a seamless transition for students.
Meanwhile, classified staff enjoyed their own Professional Development Day, with sessions ranging from self-improvement to student support, and technology training. This year marked a significant step forward as the District and leaders expanded efforts to close school offices, including early childhood education sites, allowing more staff the opportunity to attend the Professional Development Day. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with the majority of sessions reaching capacity and seeing robust attendance.
The success of this year’s Professional Development Day underscored the District's commitment to continuous improvement and collective efficacy. By bringing together certificated and classified staff from across the District, the events not only fostered individual growth but also nurtured a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility for student achievement.

BPUSD_PD1: Certificated staff at Sierra Vista Middle School collaborate during a session on Professional Development Day. 
BPUSD_PD2: Classified staff engage in a student support learning session hosted at the Elwin Campus. 
BPUSD_PD3: Staff from Olive Middle School pose for a photo together at their Professional Development Day. 
BPUSD_PD4: Classified staff engage in a technology training hosted at the Elwin Campus.