Baldwin Park High Students Visit the Huntington Library & Botanic Gardens

Students participated in a thoughtful field trip to the museum located in San Marino to reflect on symbolism and sustainability. The educational outing began with students enjoying the sights of the Virginia Steele Scott American Galleries and exhibits by Cuban-American physicist and artist Enrique Martinez Celaya. Students also visited the 300-year-old Shoya Japanese House - to explore themes of sustainability, cultural connections and symbolism. They analyzed tools, impact, and innovation used to create sustainable spaces suited to unique environments. 


“It was incredible to see the students reflect on the symbolism portrayed in the artwork, and also dig deeper into the history of sustainability,” Baldwin Park High Sociology teacher Nicole Melamed said. 


Inspired by historical houses, students had the opportunity to create a unique family symbol incorporating Japanese myth and nature, and by using symbolic animals and plants.


Students will have the chance to see their crafts made during the field trip on display at the Huntington Library’s Student Art Work Gala coming this Spring. The gala will also include other Baldwin Park High student projects and art as part of their two year educational partnership.




BPUSD_BP Huntington1: Baldwin Park High Sociology students pose for a photo during their field trip to the Huntington Library & Botanic Gardens.


BPUSD_BP Huntington2: Student from Baldwin Park High reflects on artwork. 


BPUSD_BP Huntington3: Student from Baldwin Park sits to enjoy artwork.


BPUSD_BP Huntington4: Student from Baldwin Park High craft family symbols using Japanese inspirations.