Sierra Vista Sophomores Enjoy Educational Adventure at SoFi Stadium

One hundred Sophomore students participated in an exclusive field trip to SoFi Stadium, a unique experience that emphasized the importance of meeting college admission requirements. Sophomores with a grade point average (GPA) of 2.2 or above and no more than one D or F on their transcript were invited to participate.

The field trip was an incentive to encourage students to graduate with the A-G UC/CSU college admission requirements. The initiative aligns with ongoing efforts to enhance student acquisition of A-G compliance at graduation, and is supported by the A-G Grant from the state of California. Another aspect of the trip was to inspire sophomores to dream big and consider diverse career paths, such as architecture, agricultural engineering, sports management, and communications. 

"We want to make students aware of how their A-G required classes will affect their future academic plans and show them the importance of meeting these requirements," Sierra Vista High School Principal Vince Pratt said.

The comprehensive tour included special club areas, architecturally and scientifically significant spaces, environmentally notable areas, the home locker room, the owners club, and seating areas. Post-tour, students had the thrilling opportunity to engage in various activities on the field, from kicking field goals to participating in combine activities like the 40-yard dash. Teachers and administrators actively facilitated the fun, ensuring students made the most of their experience.

Reflecting on the collaboration with SoFi Stadium, organizers expressed gratitude for the exceptional support and flexibility provided by the SoFi team. They commended the stadium crew for their cooperation and highlighted the added touches, including a presentation from an organizer sharing insights into her education and career journey.

“We are thankful to be able to get our kids out there and learn about other options that might be inspiring to push them into a new direction,” Sierra Vista High School teacher and organizer of the A-G Grant Andrea Grimm said.

A rewarding highlight acknowledged by the organizers was the positive behavior of the students, recognized by multiple stadium employees. Several stadium crew members commended the students for their respectful conduct which reinforced the positive reputation Sierra Vista High School made on their first visit.

“We have really great kids, so it was really nice for us to see that recognized by strangers who deal with students every day as part of their work,” Sierra Vista High School teacher  and organizer of the A-G Grant Charlotte Nelson said. 



BPUSD_DonsSoFi 1: Sierra Vista High sophomore students pose on the SoFi Stadium field while on their A-G field trip.


BPUSD_DonsSoFi 2: Sierra Vista High Dons pose inside of SoFi Stadium while on a guided tour.

BPUSD_DonsSoFi 3: Sierra Vista High students explore the Los Angeles Rams House on a guided tour of SoFi Stadium.


BPUSD_DonsSoFi 4: Sierra Vista High students snap a photo inside of the Los Angeles Rams locker rooms while on a guided tour at SoFi Stadium.

BPUSD_DonsSoFi 5: Sierra Vista High students enjoy special access to the SoFi Stadium field level while on the special field trip. 

BPUSD_DonsSoFi 6: Sophomore student from Sierra Vista High practices a field kick on the SoFi Stadium field during the school’s field trip.