Sierra Vista High School Hosts Día de los Muertos Event to Celebrate Time-Honored Traditions

Hosted by the Sierra Vista High School Dons Dual Language program, the Day of the Dead event welcomed excited families and community members to enjoy the colorful sights of festive decorations, ambient music, and traditional treats. 

Attendees marveled and gathered around the main attractions of the night, the ofrenda altars. Uniquely, the majority of the altars paid tribute to remembering artists, actors, and musicians such as: Cantinflas, Frida Kahlo, Cepillín, Elvis Presley, Jenni Rivera, and Juan Gabriel. 

“Paying respects to Juan Gabriel is important because a lot of our families listened to that music growing up. We are all fans, but it also goes back to our families and that is why we all chose to honor him in our altar,” said a group of Sierra Vista High School Dual Language students.

Altars were also dedicated to remembering culturally impactful people, such as Vanessa Guillén. As attendees walked past each altar, a student would describe and share more about the ofrenda details. Día De Los Muertos is a Mexican holiday where families traditionally create “Ofrendas / Altares” to welcome loved ones, as a dedication of their memories. 

Another highlight from the night includes a SVHS student art gallery and auction filled with eye-catching creations made by Dual Language and Chicano studies students. Some of these installations were recently featured and displayed at Baldwin Park’s recreation center. Funds from the sold art pieces will be donated to the Dual Language club. 

Rounding out the event were fun-filled corners for the whole family to enjoy with Lotería games, coloring, and crafts stations. The celebration was organized and led by students, some belonging to clubs and associations such as: Dual Language Club, NAMI, ASB, and HOSA, among others.




Dia de los Muertos

Quad Decorations Welcome Attendees



SVHS Dual Language Ofrenda 


Arts Gallery

SVHS Dual Language & Chicano Studies Art Gallery & Auction


Sup Mendoza Learns About Student Ofrenda

Superintendent Mendoza learns more about Dual Language ofrenda


Loteria game

Family plays a game of Lotería
Folklórico dancers pose before performing
Folklórico dancers pose before performing 
Papel Picado
SVHS Clubs and Associations