Sierra Vista High School Hosts Triumphant Field Tournament Welcoming Schools Across the Region

Held at the Jack B. White Stadium at Sierra Vista High School, the Field Tournament had a great turnout of attendees including supporting families, friends, students, and community members cheering from all angles. This year, the Marching Dons’ welcomed stellar performances by: Los Angeles High School, Maywood Academy High School, El Monte High School, Venice High School, Duarte High School, Gabrielino High School, Pasadena High School, Santa Ana High School, Mark Keppel High School, Marshall High School, Claremont High School, Indio High School, Baldwin Park High School, and Redondo Union High School. 

Led by band director Elva Gomez, the SVHS Marching Dons drove home the event as the final performance of the evening with their mastered performance of “A Mathematical Odyssey,” with sharpened auxiliary stunts, and fine tuned musical renditions. 

The highly anticipated awards ceremonies were conducted with impressive salutes, good sportsmanship, and friendly exchanges between schools. Baldwin Park High School’s Braves Entertainment Corps were recognized for their outstanding performance of “Survivor,” receiving three awards that night including: 1st Place Band 3A Division, 1st Place Percussion Overall, and 5th Place Overall Colorguard. The sweepstakes award of the night was awarded to Redondo Union High School. 

Don’t plan to see a rivalry among the Marching Dons and Braves Entertainment Corps, as you may be surprised to find that between all the impressive performances, it's all neighborly support and a friendly bond over the arts!


SVHS Marching Dons Leaders Pose Together at The Field Tournament
BPHS Braves Entertainment Corps Earn Three Awards
BPHS Braves Entertainment Corps Earn Three Awards 
SVHS Marching Dons Perform A Mathematical Odyssey
SVHS Marching Dons' Perform A Mathematical Odyssey
SVHS Marching Dons Spotlight Performer
SVHS Marching Dons Spotlight Performers
SVHS Marching Dons
BPHS Braves Perform Survivor
BPHS Braves Entertainment Corps Perform Survivor
BPHS Braves Spotlight Their Props
BPHS Braves Entertainment Corps Spotlight Their Props
BPHS Braves
BPHS Braves Entertainment Corps