BPUSD Mental Health CoVitality Program Recognized with 2023 Golden Bell Award

In the fall of 2018, BPUSD launched the pilot program using CoVitality as a comprehensive screening tool for students in grades 4-12. This initiative was a direct response to the growing mental health needs among students and emphasized social-emotional learning. CoVitality is a validated, evidence-based tool designed to measure the social-emotional well-being of students.

As schools complete the survey, they conduct individualized assessments of their specific needs and tailor programs and interventions accordingly. By utilizing CoVitality data, schools have been able to effectively address issues raised by students and initiate school-wide activities to enhance their sense of connection to the educational environment.

Proven successful, BPUSD has improved access to mental health services removing barriers that were impeding academic achievement and overall student success. In tandem with CoVitality, the District continues its commitment to identifying and implementing new supports and interventions, including wellness centers, health partnerships, social worker sessions, and more, all in the pursuit of prioritizing mental health and overall well-being.

This achievement marks BPUSD's 10th Golden Bell Award! The 2023 Golden Bell Award ceremony will be held by the California School Boards Association (CSBA) during their annual education conference, held in San Francisco on Nov. 30.


Additional information on support services and resources is available on the District mental health web page.

About CSBA Golden Bell Awards

The CSBA Golden Bell Awards® promote excellence in education and school board governance by recognizing outstanding programs and governance practices of school boards in school districts and county offices of education throughout California. Golden Bell Awards reflect the depth and breadth of education programs and governance decisions supporting these programs that are necessary to address students’ changing needs.