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Baldwin Park High School Students Research Triumphs, Tragedies in History

BALDWIN PARK - Baldwin Park High School's gym filled with the energized voices of students engaging in historical and political science debates on Feb. 21, with topics ranging from Roe v. Wade and the Tet Offensive to the Me Too movement and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

More than 100 detailed poster boards articulated opposing perspectives on various subjects to demonstrate balanced research, while other projects presented arguments and findings on a website format, as dioramas and interactive displays.

Over the last few months, students worked individually and in groups to prepare their research projects for 2019 History Day’s Triumphs and Tragedies in History.

“I like that this project pushed my group and I to find the connection between events in the past and how it shapes our society today,” Baldwin Park High School senior Victoria Bui said.

Bui and her group chose to research and discuss the Me Too movement.

“What I really took away from this is how important it is for there to be awareness about these issues so that we can help people get their voices heard,” Bui said. 

Students presented to parents and the Baldwin Park community during the school’s History Day Family Night.