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Illuminate Lightning Grader

Lightning Grader FAQs

1. What kind of cameras does Lightning Grader work with?

Most companies follow the computer hardware industry USB Video Compliance (UVC) standards. There are a variety of document camera that are compatible. Lightning Grade has confirmed that iPevos will work.


2. What browsers do you work with?

Lightning Grader’s camera grading functionality will only work with Chrome. File upload grading will work with any browser. Version 49 and up for Chrome works best. Please ask your site tech to verify that you have the latest version of Chrome on your PC.


3. Do I need any special software?

The Chrome browser is the only software required to use Lightning Grader’s camera grading. All other features of Lightning grader require no special software.


4. Do I have to download a plugin?

Lightning Grader does not require you to download a plugin.


5. What if I have existing Gradecam assessments or answer sheets printed?

Any sheets printed from Gradecam will not grade with Lightning Grader. You will have to re-print any assessments you currently have to administer them in Lightning Grader.


6. What file types does Lightning Grader accept when using 'Grade from Scanner'?

When using ‘Grade from Scanner’ we accept .PDF, .TIF, .TIFF, .PNG, .JPEG, .JPG, .BMP.


7. Are there any special settings required for scanning?

We do not require any special settings to use our 'Grade from Scanner' feature. Just be sure the file type is supported.