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Baldwin Park Unified School District

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Baldwin Park School Police personnel provide focused and targeted intervention and prevention assistance to our school community by facilitating crime and violence reduction techniques, including presentations on topics, such as Bullying Prevention / Intervention, Truancy Issues, Drug and Alcohol Detection / Awareness, Gang Awareness, and Traffic Safety.  The education component provided by School Police Officers is vital to strengthening student and facility-based relationships with law enforcement.  School Police Officers have extensive experience in addressing issues impacting our students.  School Police is an integral partner in providing for a safe and well-informed school community and serve in the following capacities: 
Law Enforcement Officer - The officer is a visible presence on campus is meant to deter, prevent, investigate, apprehend or detain individuals suspected of criminal offenses, as well as respond to incidents of crime.  Officers advise school officials on law- related matters, assess school safety needs, and serve as a vital link to other emergency personnel during the response and management of critical incidents.
Educator - The officer serves as a guest classroom instructor, teaching law and safety-related topics, which are relevant to the school district learning goals.  Officers also serve as experts on a variety of topics impacting staff and administrators' handling of student-related matters outside the purview of the standardized academic curriculum. 
Counselor - The officer also serves as an informal counselor and conflict mediator to students.  Students are encouraged to seek advice from the School Resource Officer, for matters, to be addressed in a positive, trusting atmosphere before they develop into more severe problems.