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Baldwin Park Unified School District

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.'s)

Q:    I've never heard of a school police officer before.  Are you guys real cops?

Yes we are!  School police officers have peace officer authority pursuant to section 830.32 of the California Penal Code.  School police officers are required by state law to receive the same basic academy training as municipal and county police officers.  We are also required by state law to receive additional training related to our school policing functions.


Q: How do you help contribute to my child's education?

Every child has the right to learn in a safe and peaceful environment.  The school police department works diligently with administrators, parents and local authority to ensure that our campuses are safe, secure and free from crime, vandalism and violence. 


Q: What kinds of services does the school police department provide to the community?

More about the programs we provide can be learned by visiting the "About Us" section of this web page or by giving us a call at (626) 856-4364 to learn more!


Q: Can school police officers stop cars and write traffic tickets?

Yes we can and sometimes we do. The safety of our children while in the vicinity of their campus or while walking to and from school is an important factor to all parents.  To ease these concerns, the school police department works to ensure that traffic flow on and around our school campuses is safe and orderly and that state and local traffic laws are obeyed. This is done through public education and, when necessary, traffic enforcement and citations.


Q: I often see school police officers taking police action blocks away from a school.  Why?

Student activities, school bus stops, student walking routes, etc. often take students away from the school grounds and into the community.  Parks, fast food restaurants, student gathering places and truant hang-outs also draw students off the campus and into the community.  The authority given to school police officers by the penal code extends our peace officer powers anywhere in the state and our operational agreement with the city of Baldwin Park also bring some school/student related crimes occurring off school grounds under our jurisdiction.  As such, school police officers are often seen working off-campus and in the community.