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Virtual Wellness Fair

Welcome to Baldwin Park Unified School District's Virtual  Wellness Fair. The Baldwin Park community is welcomed to participate in the workshops listed below. The sessions have been created to accommodate parents, students, and staff. We hope you enjoy the information presented in the sessions. If you have any questions please email 


Parents are also invited to enter into a $50 gift card opportunity drawing, sponsored by Care Solace. The drawing will be conducted at the closing of the event. Please scroll to the bottom of the page for information on how to enter. 


Event Agenda

9:00-9:30      Welcome Presentation, Dr. William Avila, BPUSD Director of Student Services

9:30-10:30    Opening Session: Resiliency

10:30-10:40  Break 

10:40-11:40  Break Out Sessions -  Self Selected (See below)

11:40-12:00  Closing and Live Opportunity Drawing 


Opening Session: Resiliency, Resiliency is the ability to resist, absorb and recover from, or successfully adapt to, adversity or change. This 'ability to bounce back' is more important now more than ever before. Join us for an upbeat and interactive opening session where we will explore what it means to be resilient, understand the important role families play in children's resiliency and learn some quick and easy tools we can all start using right away to increase our own resilience.

Facilitated by,

Kimberli Breen, MS, CAS, MA

Susan K. Coats, Ed. D.,L.E.P



Information on Break Out Sessions: Individuals can self select from the break out sessions by clicking the presentation title.

(Links for the sessions will be available no later than Friday April 30th, 2021.)



  1.        Learn practical tips on how to manage family stress during this COVID-19. Facilitated  by Daneta Calderon-Vital, LCSW, Foothill Family. 
  2.        Aprenda consejos prácticos sobre cómo manejar el estrés familiar durante COVID-19. Facilitado en español por Wendy Reynoso Mour, LCSW, Foothill Family. 
  3.       Cómo comunicarse con los adolescentes sobre cuestiones emocionales. "Comunicarse con los adolescentes no tiene por qúe ser difícil. Comprender las respuestas emocionales de nuestros jóvenes puede abrir las puertas a la aceptación y la conexión entre los padres y sus hijos. Aprender a comunicarse con los adolescentes sobre cuestiones emocionales puede promover el crecimiento en el desarollo emocional".  Facilitado en español por Lorraine Burga, AMFT y Celene Gonzalez, AMFT, Family Center.
  4.        Setting up routines/discipline during distance learning & returning to in-person learning. "This workshop will help parents have knowledge of tips and strategies to use with their children/teens during in-distance learning and the transition to in-person schooling. Parents will gain age-appropriate discipline they can use to manage challenging behavior at home. Parents can gain an understanding of their current parenting style and practice specific strategies to increase structure and compliance at home." Facilitated by Sylvana Elali, LMFT, Family Center. "
  5.       "Feeling scared and uncertain? Being a parent of a child with special needs is HARD!" "This year has been really tough for children, parents, guardians, and school staff. Let's talk honestly about your concerns about your children or teenagers. We will discuss how you can take care of yourself so that you are better able to take care of them. We will explore why our children and youth are struggling more than a year ago, and what kinds of things make school and home life hard for them. We will end with what kinds of things we can each do to help our children and youth, be better parents or guardians for them, and where we can go for help. I hope you can join me"  Facilitated by Dr. Lori Andrews, Assistant Director, BPUSD Special Education Department.                   



  1.       Finding Connections, Support, and Opportunities for High School Students.  "This past year has been stressful and overwhelming for many students. "This workshop is for high school students to learn about healthy coping skills, helpful resources, and opportunities to get involved in promoting well-being. Presenters will also provide a Q+A time to engage students in a meaningful and genuine conversation about well-being and becoming an mental health champion through volunteering and advocacy."  Facilitated by Monica Nepomuceno, Project Cal-Well.
  2.         It's Stop Time "Social distancing has disrupted daily life for all of us and it can be especially stressful for kids to lose the structure and time with friends that school used to provide. When young children don't have the tools to identify and express anxiety and sadness these emotions can often present as anger or aggression, and lead to conflict. It's important to address conflict management early, and to support their social emotional wellness in order to help them build resilience. Facilitated by Kaiser Permanente Educational Theater. (For Students in Grades 3-5)


                   1.  Stress management for educators. Facilitated by Ruth Padilla-King, LCSW, Kaiser EOP




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