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SB 57 - Early Completion Option (ECO)

1.  What is an Early Completion Option?

The Commission-approved Baldwin Park Unified School District California Teacher Induction Program provides the Early Completion Option (ECO) to all qualifying program participants in accordance with Senate Bill 57 (Scott).  An Early Completion Option in the Induction Program allows eligible experienced and exceptional candidates to complete a Commission-approved professional induction program at a faster pace than the full two years generally required to complete all program requirements.  As with the completion of the full-length induction program, completion of the ECO allows individuals the opportunity to earn their Professional Clear Credential.


2.  Who is eligible for the Early Completion Option?

To be eligible, candidates must have the following:

  • hold an SB 2042 California Multiple Subject, Single Subject or Education Specialist Preliminary Credential or equivalent granted from the state of California
  • demonstrate exceptional teaching practice, as evidenced by successful completion of a first year of the Induction Program (including a year 1 requirement review and classroom observation process)
  • have a minimum of three years of full-time experience as teacher of record in a private or public school, or one year of full-time experience as teacher of record while in a university intern credential program receiving support from a mentor (prior to entering the Induction Program)
  • two years of successful teaching experience verified by site administrator conducted performance evaluations on which the teacher received ratings of meets or exceeds standards.  Evaluations are based upon the California Standards for the Teaching Profession, or the equivalent at the discretion of the Induction Coordinator


3.  How and when can I apply for the Early Completion Option?

Induction Candidates that meet the eligibility criteria may participate in the approval process at the end of their first year of the Induction Program.  The Induction Coordinator will inform candidates of the timeline and necessary due dates. 


To be considered for the Early Completion Option, candidates must adhere to the following:

  • notify the program coordinator of Early Completion Option eligibility
  • provide certificated performance evaluations (2 years)
  • provide documentation of required teaching experience
  • meet completion standards for Year 1 Induction requirements
  • participate in a classroom observations (as part of the year 1 induction process)
  • participate in CSTP end of year presentation and panel Q & A
  • participate in Exit Interview with program coordinator
 4.  What does the Early Completion Option entail?
Induction Candidates that meet the eligibility criteria, complete the ECO submission process, and are approved, will not complete the second year of the Induction Program.  Early Completion Option Candidates will be eligible to apply for their Professional Clear Credential at the conclusion of their first year in the program once all requirements are satisfied.